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Copy-Editing / Proofreading / Critiquing

Developmental editing

This will give you a thorough and in-depth edit of your manuscript. The appraisal will look into all the elements of your writing, from the individual words you use to the phrasing of your sentences, to the overall structure and style of the work. You will receive an editorial report and some close in-text comment with precise suggestions and ways to move forward to give your reader an engaging narrative and a great impression of your writing.

Manuscript critiquing

This thorough assessment of your manuscript points out strengths and weaknesses to help you see where flaws can be amended. This will improve a subsequent draft and increase the quality of your finished work. You will receive a report on your manuscript with suggestions and detailed advice on improvements you may consider for a further draft of your writing.


A thorough read-through copy-editing can be a light-touch edit or a full structural edit and highlights where improvements can be recommended to increase the professionalism of the document. Through copy editing, transform your document which to one which flows really well. The writing will be more concise, clear and easy to understand. You will have errors pointed out and may be offered suggestions of how to adjust the style or tone to give greater fitness for purpose. Eagle-eyed copy-editing will highlight slips and inconsistencies and provide suggestions for you to consider to improve your writing. On hard-copy I use the standard proofreading mark-up symbols and on electronic documents I usually use Track Changes or pdf mark-up.

Mini edit

Presenting documents in style helps your writing come across as professional and improves the impact it has on the reader. From a combination of training and experience I can format most manuscripts. Working on either hard copy or electronic documents and on anything from a single page to a complex book, academic thesis, spreadsheet or suite of training manuals I format manuscripts to fit the needs of the format they are intended for. Keen to work efficiently I am proficient with many computer applications especially MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF).


Proofreading is the last step in preparing your manuscript and lets a fresh pair of eyes check through to ensure the reader is presented with your work is as consistent and accurate a way as possible so that they can engage with the content and meaning of the words and not be distracted by slips in the text which can get through when an author is engaged in trying to portray their meaning. The style and tone will remain your own, but I will quality-check the text providing you with an independent, read-through aiming to give as error free and professional a document as possible before your reader sees it.

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