Developmental editing

If your manuscript has not had any kind of big picture editing involving another person, or other people, developmental editing is likely to help you see clearly new ways to improve structural issues.

Styles of developmental editing vary greatly because writing varies greatly. What’s right for one writer and one manuscript might not be suitable for another writer or for a different piece of writing.

Developmental editing service

My developmental editing service starts with an assessment. I will read your manuscript and provide a short appraisal (which will be lighter and quicker than a manuscript critique) after this I will share my ideas for raising the story to the next level.

This could be the recommendation of a full developmental edit, a manuscript critique or a line and copyedit. This initial assessment is about finding a match which will be the most suitable use of your time and give you the best value for money. The early assessment is priced separately at £499 for manuscripts up to 90,000 words. (Any subsequent editing collaboration will have this amount taken off once that is agreed.) If your manuscript is longer than this, do get in touch about it.

The developmental editing process concerns macro issues of story telling. My developmental editing service is priced on a per-project basis, and a quote will be provided as part of your initial assessment report.

For fairness all round, my rates are based on those suggested by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). Get in touch to discuss how this will work for you.

So lucky to have such an excellent copy-editor as Jill French for Radical Woman – professional, punctilious and speedy!

Maggie Humm, Radical Woman Gwen John & Rodin, [Edward Everett Root] (2023)

When the developmental edit is returned to you, the manuscript will include in-text editing comments, to indicate where suggestions are being made. Suggestions may be set out within those comments or within the bespoke 12-to-15 page editorial report which you will also receive. Often, where developmental points are indicated, several possible options are suggested for improvements which might be included in a subsequent draft.

With my developmental editing service, I include a 30-minute online meet up, if you would like this, shortly after the developmental edit. This is useful for ensuring all questions get addressed fully and is included within the fee.

Manuscript critique

If you would like a full critique you will receive a longer and more in-depth editorial report. The rates are based on those suggested by the CIEP.

Jill is punctual and polite. Her copyedit helped transform my novel into a better version of itself. She answers messages quickly and her feedback is truly helpful.

C.L. Holzapfel, Independent author (2022)

Terms and conditions

With all my services, I adhere to terms and conditions which are designed for the benefit of everyone.