You have put in the time and creativity to have written your manuscript, and it is completed and ready for getting out into the world. Let it be the best version of itself it can be by investing in a copyedit.

Copyediting service

Line and copyediting service

If you have already had a big picture edit (with someone who is not related to you and who is either a professional or at least impartial) and you are ready to move forward with this story, then a line and copyedit would be the most helpful.

For a line and copyediting I prepare you a free, no-obligation sample edit, and a tailored quote. Charges are in line with the CIEP suggested rates.

I am completely delighted with Jill’s work; she was communicative, responsive, and her talent was much appreciated. I am very happy with her clear, concise, and annotated edits, which complimented the work of the individual authors for a clean, polished, professional book.

Ashley Santana ed., Published: A Craft Guide, [Kelp Books] (2022)

Terms and conditions

With all my services, I adhere to terms and conditions which are designed for the benefit of everyone.