Interview with Steve Schatz

Read time: < 1 min Currently Seashell Virgin is nominated in the short list of books published by Indiana authors in the past two years. In this interview the author talks (18mins) about his experience of traditional publishing and self publishing and shares what he values as the greatest freedom of a writer. Seashell Virgin is the third book inContinue reading “Interview with Steve Schatz”

Why Does Editing Cost so Much?

Read time: 2 mins Writers who have asked for a quote for an editing service sometimes, on reading the fee, responded with either endless silence or disappointment that the cost will be more than they had imagined it would be. I get that professional editing does cost and is likely to be one of the more expensive elements ofContinue reading “Why Does Editing Cost so Much?”

How to Write a Great Character

Read time: 4 mins Writers place characters in stories to have an impression on their readers. “As I don’t write characters that leave no impression on me.” – Lauren DeStefano Creating characters When creating main characters in your writing they need to be make an impact on the reader and should be believable and engaging. Main characters are moreContinue reading “How to Write a Great Character”

CIEP Conference 2021

Read time: 4 mins The CIEP 2021 online conference is not long over, after a year of planning by the conference team, led by Beth Hamer they pulled off a fantastic event. I attended the SfEP conference in 2017 in person when the event was held in Bedfordshire, at Wyboston Lakes and remember that as an excellent conference. ManyContinue reading “CIEP Conference 2021”


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