CIEP Conference 2021

Read time: 4 mins The CIEP 2021 online conference is not long over, after a year of planning by the conference team, led by Beth Hamer they pulled off a fantastic event. I attended the SfEP conference in 2017 in person when the event was held in Bedfordshire, at Wyboston Lakes and remember that as an excellent conference. ManyContinue reading “CIEP Conference 2021”

Accountability Group

Read time: 3 mins Mmm, I wonder how those started and who had the inspiration to run the first accountability group – no, stop! I must not allow myself to drop into my preferred research mode and out of the sleeves-rolled-up-action state. So still I could not tell you who ran the first one but I did it –Continue reading “Accountability Group”

How Long Should My Book Be?

Read time: 3 mins Often writers will ask me variations of the question ‘how many words make a proper book?’ This question suggests the questioner is probably a new writer. They may not have spent long looking at the type of books they are writing or aspire to write. As with many questions about writing, my immediate thought is,Continue reading “How Long Should My Book Be?”

How to Write Speech in Fiction

Read time: 8 mins Being clear about a few style choices and applying them consistently can make all the difference to writing speech and although it should not be a main priority when a first draft is being set down, it is good to try to standardise in the second and subsequent versions of a manuscript.

aim, honesty

Honesty About Perfect Writing

Read time: 2 mins I think honesty from the outset about the quality of writing is important. Clients sometimes ask for their manuscript to be edited to be perfect, but quality in writing has a subjective component. There will be improvement but perfection is an elusive aim.


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