Resources for Authors

Read time: < 1 min Help yourself to anything handy. Style sheet Here is a style sheet to give you an idea of style decisions which it is useful to record in a collaboration. This is especially useful where there are multiple manuscripts which need to have a consistent style. Using this as a basis you can adapt it toContinue reading “Resources for Authors”

How to write speech in fiction

Read time: 8 mins Being clear about a few style choices and applying them consistently can make all the difference to writing speech and although it should not be a main priority when a first draft is being set down, it is good to try to standardise in the second and subsequent versions of a manuscript.

aim, honesty

Honesty About Perfect Writing

Read time: 2 mins I think honesty from the outset about the quality of writing is important. Clients sometimes ask for their manuscript to be edited to be perfect, but quality in writing has a subjective component. There will be improvement but perfection is an elusive aim.


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