Jill is a phenomenal editor, very thorough, precise and thoughtful in her approach. She genuinely cared about my story and how best to tell it in a way that’s most easily digestible and engaging for the reader. Jill also responded quickly to every inquiry and cared about doing the best job possible. I highly recommend her, she went above and beyond my expectations!

Independent author, SAY Yang

It has been a pleasure to work with you!

Independent author, Alicen Geddes-Ward.

Jill was great. Did and excellent editing job and was very supportive.

Independent author, Don Siegel.

I just wanted to thank you for your editing of my book. As you no doubt established very quickly, this is my first book and your help has been invaluable.

Independent author, Tim Millward.

You are my lucky star!

Independent author, Ting Wu

Many thanks for doing such a thorough job.

Independent author, Peter Howard

Jill is professional and competent in both her approach and the execution of her work constantly displaying meticulous attention to detail.

Educational technologist, Anne Spencer.

We have used Jill’s services on a couple of occasions recently and have been more than happy with the results. She is reliable, friendly and has great attention to detail. Highly recommended.

Full-proof Media, Nick Jones.

Jill did a great job on the first book I gave to her for copy editing. She did not only correct my English mistakes and typos, she also made suggestions about certain choices of words. She is very responsive and very precise in her communications, which is also very helpful. The best way to show that I’m satisfied is to mention that I will trust her with my next books.

Independent author, Jack Hummey.

My manuscript was long and challenging. Jill did an exceptional job and provided clear edits five days early.

Independent author, Mark DeNome.