Services: How It Works

What is it like to collaborate?

Choose from my four different editing services: developmental editing, a manuscript critique, line and copyediting together or proofreading.

Developmental editing

If your manuscript has not had any kind of big picture editing involving another person or other people, developmental editing is most likely what you need.

Styles of developmental editing vary greatly, because writing varies greatly. What’s right for one writer and one manuscript might not be suitable for another writer or for a different piece of writing. My developmental editing service starts with an assessment. I will read your manuscript and provide a short appraisal (which will be lighter and quicker than a manuscript critique) after this I will share my ideas for raising the story to the next level. This could be the recommendation of a full developmental edit, a manuscript critique or a line and copyedit. This initial assessment is about finding a match which will be the most suitable use of your time and give you the best value for money. This assessment is priced separately at £99 for manuscripts up to 90,000 words. (Any subsequent editing collaboration will have this amount taken off once that is agreed.) If your manuscript is longer than this do get in touch about it.

The developmental editing process concerns macro issues of story telling. My developmental editing service is priced on a per-project basis, and a quote will be provided as part of your initial assessment report. For guidance, rates are likely to fall between £14 and £22 ($19 to $30) per 1,000 words.

Manuscript critique

If you prefer to have a full critique rather than the assessment provided in my developmental edit you will receive a longer and more in-depth editorial report priced between £12 and £18 ($16 and $25) per 1,000 words.

Line and copyediting

If you have already had a big picture edit (with someone who is not related to you and who is either a professional or at least impartial) and you are ready to move forward with this story, then a line and copyedit would be the most helpful.

Line and copyediting rates are determined from a free, no-obligation sample edit, this aims to find whether we are a good match and to prepare a tailored quote. Charges are approximately £11 to £17 ($15 to $23) per 1,000 words.


As a final fresh of eyes before your manuscript moves to publication I offer proofreading rates are determined from a free, no-obligation sample proofread, which helps create a bespoke quote. Charges are between £8 and £12 ($11 and $18) per 1,000 words.

Putting down roots

We are all concerned with climate issues these days and my promise to each author is that with every book I work on I shall plant a tree (through donation to the International Tree Foundation).