Which Service Do I Need?

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Book coaching

When you have yet to complete a full first draft, you may like some help getting your thoughts written up and your ideas nailed into a manuscript. As an experienced and trained book coach, I help writers to get their manuscripts finished. With an outcomes focus and with targetted support, we would collaborate over the time needed to reach a complete first draft. This is often the best way forward when there are blocks or sticking points which have halted writing progress. Once the initial draft exists, it can be the source material for future drafts, beta reading, self-editing and further editing services.

Developmental editing

Developmental editing is carried out at an early stage of preparing a manuscript. You may have written a full manuscript and be aware that aspects need improvement, but not have certainty of how to make those changes. There may be issues with the plot which, if improved, would increase your book’s success and appeal to readers. A developmental edit will consider the big-picture aspects such as plot holes, unconvincing characters, character development and themes. From a developmental edit, you will have a report on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript, as well as comments and suggestions within the manuscript to consider. Click for more details on pricing and how our collaboration would work. Do get in touch with the form at the bottom of the page if you would like a developmental edit.

Manuscript critique

Manuscript critiques are similar to development edits, and you’ll get a similar report on your manuscript considering the big-picture aspects but without the additional comments and suggestions within the text.

Following both a developmental edit and a manuscript critique, it is likely that you will want to apply some or all of the suggestions and prepare a redraft. Click for more details on pricing and how our collaboration would work. I would like to work with you to improve that redraft. Do let me know about your book with the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Copyediting or line editing

Copyediting and line editing is carried out on a manuscript which may already have been reworked and could have had some developmental editing. You will be happy with the structure and the big-picture aspects. Having been redrafted, the writing is ready to be thoroughly checked through and consistency improved where appropriate.

This will help the next reader to have a smooth and immersive reading experience without the distraction of inconsistencies and errors. When copyediting I edit the work line by line and word by word. I will be aiming to increase the clarity and flow of the sentences and words. I will be checking for:

  • Clear, effective and well-paced narrative
  • Spelling, punctuation, grammar, hyphenation and capitalisation
  • Suitable use of tenses
  • Clarity of dialogue, expression and presentation
  • Consistency within the word choices with character and author voice
  • Believability of characters through consistent traits
  • The avoidance of overwriting, repetition, cliché or unintended confusion
  • Suitability of balance between showing and telling within sentences
  • Spacing of chapters, paragraphs, sentences, lines and words.

Following a line and copyedit you will receive the marked-up manuscript (in MS Word and with Track Changes) and a bespoke style sheet showing the style decisions which have been made, including those relating to capitalisation, numbering, spelling and punctuation styles. Click for more details on pricing and how our collaboration would work. Do get in touch with the form at the bottom of the page.


Proofreading is carried out on the manuscript when it has been written, redrafted and edited so is almost ready for the final reader. Proofreading aims to catch issues of spelling and grammar which remain, and other mistakes that may still have slipped through. You will probably have read the manuscript so often by this stage that it will be harder for you to spot mistakes.

Traditionally, proofreading is carried out after the manuscript has been typeset and the layout of the paragraphs, lines and words on the page can be viewed as they would be when the book is published. A trained and experienced second pair of eyes will help to ensure that the manuscript is as good as it can be before the next reader, be that publisher, agent or the public gets to read it. Click for more details on pricing and how our collaboration would work.

It’s OK if you don’t know exactly which service you want, that’s what I’m here for! Drop me a line with the form below and I’ll get right back to you.

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